About to Get In On A Hackathon? You Need These 5 Clutch Hacks

The hackathon. A phenomenon taking the business world by storm. The birthplace of some of the next big innovations that have the potential to change the future. But even some of the world’s best coders and brightest minds need a little survival help from their friends, especially when they are essentially quarantined for 24-48 hours with the expectation of transforming ideas into reality. No pressure, right? It’s survival of the fittest out there, so before you begin another hackathon, make sure you brush up on the top 5 hackathon hacks to get you through like a boss:

Because this is literally a marathon and not a sprint…and there’s no rest for the weary! Load up on caffeine early, and then load up on it often. It’s the only (legal) way the human body can stay awake and function properly for over 24 hours. That’s why coffee and Red Bull are staples at these events. Just make sure you set up shop near the beverage station.

2. Toiletries:
Nobody likes a stinky hacker. Don’t be that guy/gal. Bring a toiletry kit with you and load it up with deodorant, mouthwash, dry shampoo…whatever gets you through. And if you really want to do your neighbor a favor, invest in some ShowerPill Body Wipes. These badboys are extra-thick, disposable wipes that work like a washcloth to remove dirt, sweat and body odor. Yes, please!

3. Snacks:
Breakfast, lunch AND dinner?! Ain’t nobody got time for that. Although not the ideal way to nourish the body, snacks satisfy hunger without wasting time. Go for high-protein options that don’t need to be refrigerated, like nuts, protein bars, roasted edamame, an apple with nut butter, the list goes on.

4. Meal replacements:
Ok, so maybe that pack of almonds didn’t do it for you. For hackers that place a premium on nutrition, meal replacements like Soylent step in as the perfect solution for responsibly getting rid of those hunger pains.

5. Move:
Yeah, yeah. You’re super busy and on the clock. But if you get up and go for a walk around the room – even for as little as five minutes – you’ll recharge your batteries, get your blood flowing again and come back even stronger. Bonus: get outside, breathe fresh air and take in some Vitamin D. You’ll be back before anyone even looks up from their laptops.

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